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“I have been working in organ donation with grieving families for ten years now, and it is obvious that this subject needs more attention. The author’s handling of this difficult topic is as moving as it is illuminating for children and parents struggling with loss.”

Buck, Louisville, KY

“As a parent, there are times you wish there was a manual on how to raise kids or at least how to deal with hard situations. The Week I Tore Up My Book is not only great for kids but is a great resource for parents on how to support your child as they process grief.”  

Ellie, Aurora, CO

"The Week I Tore Up My Book provides a clear and compassionate view into a child’s grief process, which can help both parents and their children understand the complex and 'big' feelings that accompany the death of a loved one."

Kayla, Portland, OR

“A beautifully written book that I feel could help a wide age range of children who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. I read it to my four year old after we lost our beloved family dog, and it led us to a very healthy and constructive conversation about the incredibly complex topic of death. I am so thankful to Laura for writing this book.”

Kaitlin, New Orleans, LA

"This is a simple yet meaningful book. It clearly shows what grief looks like for kids, helping grownups and parents understand kids', and maybe even their own, behaviors and feelings dealing with grief."

Jennifer, New Concord, OH

“The Week I Tore Up My Book gives us a succinct guide on how to talk gracefully about death & grieving. For parents & professionals alike it’s an indispensable resource."

Joel, Medellin, Columbia